Our aim is that children will love learning, be inspired and challenged to become fluent mathematicians.

We follow the mastery approach in maths with children building their knowledge in small steps based on: representation and structure, mathematical thinking, variation and fluency. The concrete, pictorial and abstract approach is central to our inclusive curriculum so that all children can succeed through adaptive teaching. All children will be supported and challenged in their thinking and learning.

At St John’s Meads, we provide opportunities for children to develop problem-solving skills useful for maths and across the curriculum for children to better make sense of the world around them.

It is important that the curriculum allows children to think critically, reason logically and communicate their understanding to others so that they are ready and prepared for their Key Stage Three curriculum and beyond. It is key that our curriculum allows children to apply their mathematical knowledge to new concepts.

We routinely assess the taught curriculum, and where gaps in the curriculum are discovered, opportunities to review, revise and plan for weekly targeted intervention are implemented.

Our intention is that all children fulfil their God-given potential and bring maths to life.