Art & Design

Our art curriculum starts in the early years with the important concept of how we learn by making mistakes, and developing the resilience to overcome challenges.

Classical, traditional, modern, contemporary art styles are all explored to enable pupils to appreciate that art and design both reflect and shape our history, and contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation.  We want children to appreciate that art is in the world around them - not just confined to galleries and paintings. We encourage children to notice the beautiful things that surround us, both in creation and through the talents of others.  Artists have been selected to ensure the curriculum is diverse and inclusive (male and female artists, range of nationalities and ethnicities).  We explore the importance of creative arts as an industry in this country and the opportunities this gives for careers in the future, to inspire pupils.

Through our curriculum and ethos, we encourage pupils to be individuals and have their own interpretation of art in order to encourage self-expression, confidence and curiosity both now and in the future.

Children have regular opportunities to explore their creative talents and interests at St John’s Meads. Miss French teaches art and design to all classes throughout the year, often through exciting whole school themes, and we have a designated art room. We have close links with the Towner Art Gallery and whenever possible engage in work with visiting artists and competitions, including contributing artwork for exhibitions.