Religious Education

Religious Education is considered a ‘core subject’. We use resources and planning from ‘Understanding Christianity’ and ’The Emanuel Project’ to support teaching and learning. Children learn about and reflect on the key themes of: God, Creation and Fall, People of God, Incarnation, Gospel, Salvation, and the Kingdom of God. Our collective worship is wholly Christian but our RE lessons also include learning about other faiths, this is because it is vital that children are taught to understand and respect the views of others and for everyone to be able to express, reflect, develop and question their own views in a safe and mutually respectful environment.

Our aim is that children will love learning about the Christian faith and love one-another by learning about other faiths. Our teaching focuses on exploring and discussing sacred textsreflecting on religious practices and making connections. We use an enquiry based approach and offer opportunities for children to engageexplore and express in their learning.