School Council

This year, the School Council have been thinking about our school, community and world environment. They have done litter picks, run an assembly to promote recycling at school, appointed a team of ‘eco monitors’ in the each class who turn off lights and smart boards when not needed, started up a pen recycling scheme and run a cake sale to raise money for the DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal raising £275! They still have lots more ideas they want to do before the end of the year!

Reception Matilda and Isaac
Year 1 Elena and Alfie
Year 2 Samuel and Jenna
Year 3 James and Abigail
Year 4 Anne and Arthur
Year 5 Gracie and Rocco
Year 6 Josh and Issy

School Council 2021-22

Year 1 Finlay and Mahan
Year 2 Athos and Aila
Year 3 Grace and William
Year 4 Hermione and Matthew
Year 5 Priya and Zak
Year 6 Stella and Peter

The School Council have been working hard to develop an area of the field into a sensory corner. Last year, they raised money through a cake sale and a mufti day to fund it. They have put up bird boxes, planted seeds, hung windchimes and have plans for a crunchy path to walk through and enjoy the sounds, smells and sights the little area offers.