Headteacher: Mrs Katherin Weeks

Class Class Teacher TA INA
Reception Mrs Chloe Satchell (Mon, Tues, Wed)
Mrs Rowena Pillar (Thurs and Fri)
Mrs Chrissy Grout
Year 1 Mr Jamie Barber Mrs Liz Avery
Year 2 Mrs Lucy Dyer Mrs Vanessa Gallini (pm)
Miss Katie Vile (am)
Year 3 Mr Patrick Ashwood Mrs Louisa Capon Miss Jodie Arnold (am)
Miss Adriana Domurad (pm)
Year 4 Mrs Jo Wickens (Mon, Thurs and Fri)
Mrs Suzanne Bettles (Tues and Wed)
Mrs Brenda Riddle
Year 5 Mrs Kate Foster (Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri)
Mrs Suzanne Bettles (Mondays)
Miss Hayley Nesbitt (am)
Mrs Brenda Riddle (pm, Mon and Fri)
Year 6 Miss Jo Barfield Miss Clare Shave
Mrs Mel Onuzi
Miss Adriana Domurad
Mrs Karolina York
SENCO Mrs Lara Cork
SEN Support Mrs Stephanie Neill
Pastoral Care – Church Link and Families Mrs Kim Leach
Place 2 Be School Counsellor – Mental Health Practitioner Ms Jess Burch
Music Teacher Mrs Ellie White
Art Teacher Miss Emma French
Office & Administration Staff
Mrs Abi Robinson
Miss Rebecca Harris
School Secretaries
Mrs Stacey Weston School Business Manager
Extended Schools – Breakfast Club and Late Birds
Mrs Hannah Riddle, Mrs Melanie Onuzi, Mrs Avery, Miss Jade Miller
Site Staff
Mr Steve Phillipson Site Manager
Jo Piper School Cleaner