School Development Priorities for 2022-2023

  1. Quality of Education
    1. To promote and enhance the oracy skills of all pupils
    2. To accelerate pupils’ progress in writing
    3. To ensure that feedback and marking is timely and effective in moving learning forward
    4. To establish a classroom environment that supports independent learning, emotional regulation and the needs of all learners
  2. Behaviour and Attitudes
    1. To develop the number and scope of pupil leadership roles
  3. Personal Development
    1. To embed the school’s enriched curriculum (visits/visitors/forest and beach school/outdoor learning/extra curricular opportunities)
  4. Leadership and Management
    1. To engage effectively with pupils to evaluate, develop and enhance the curriculum
    2. To provide a range of effective professional development opportunities for all roles/levels of experience
    3. To ensure effective subject leadership for all subjects
  5. Early Years Foundation Stage
    1. To develop staff knowledge and understanding of EYFS through training and support
    2. To enhance classroom provision and staff skills to effectively support and develop pupils’ communication and language