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Key stage 1 children have fruit provided free of charge by the government's fruit and vegetable scheme.


Please do not put any nuts or nut based foods into your children's packed lunches. We have children in the school who are severely allergic to nuts resulting in anaphylactic shock.

healthy_schoolsWe have achieved the Gold Healthy Schools Award in recognition of our hard work in promoting healthy lifestyles for all our children. Thank you to all our parents who have continued to support us with our healthy approach.

A really massive thank you to you all from Minor Weir and Willis Ltd (your fruit provider) to everyone who replied to our big survey on the eating habits of children. We are pleased to share with you the very interesting results. (If you would like to read our 2 recent surveys findings you can readily access them.)

East Sussex County Council Policy on school meals

We aim to:

  • provide as a minimum level of service a hot two course meal to all pupils, and to meet the needs of pupils requiring vegetarian meals and special diets dictated by ethnic, cultural and religious beliefs
  • where practical, tailor menus for pupils with medically prescribed diets
  • offer a service that will consistently provide a high culinary standard, using good quality ingredients and maintaining an excellent level of presentation
  • ensure that menus meet Government nutritional standards for school lunches
  • ensure that meal times are an enjoyable and comfortable social activity, and to treat our pupil customers courteously.

Nut Allergies

We don't intentionally use any products that contain nuts or nut by-products in our primary school menus. Current labelling regulations mean we can't declare nut free status.

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