Our aim is for children to engage in a range of stimulating physical activities and experiences in which learning about sport, health and wellbeing is promoted. In keeping with our vision, we believe in participation for all and in addition to PE lessons themselves, we promote equality and diversity in sport through our reading materials and assemblies.

Through physical activities, we seek to build confidence, teamwork and a positive attitude towards a healthy and active lifestyle. We take part in competitions, including swimming and football and engage in other local opportunities when they are available.

Our facilities include a hall, playground and field. Children in every year group have the opportunity to access a block of swimming lessons each year during the school day, at a local swimming pool.

We currently offer after school sports clubs for football and when coaches are available have offered cheerleading, karate and multi-skills. We also have close links with C.A.C.L. gymnastics who have run clubs during school holidays on our field.